Discover & Develop Selective, Clinically Validated & Novel Covalent Therapeutics to Expand the Targetable Proteome & Non-Cystine Amino Acid Space in Oncology, Immunology & Beyond

Uniting Large Pharma, Innovative Biotech & Leading Academics to Eliminate the Boundaries of Druggability with Novel Covalent Drugs

With continued advancements in screening platforms and proteomics, the covalency renaissance continues as biopharma race to unlock hard-to-target proteins across oncology, immunology and CNS. We are witnessing this industry make great strides in utilizing novel covalent modalities and elucidating novel warheads to target amino acids beyond cysteine. However, developing covalent drugs remains no easy feat, as knowledge gaps persist in balancing reactivity and selectivity, de-risking the ligandability of alternative residues, and tackling PKPD disconnects and efficiency bottlenecks to successfully develop potent covalent drugs for unmet clinical need.

The 2nd Covalent Drug Discovery & Development Summit returns as the central hub dedicated to every aspect of covalency from discovery to translation and clinical development, equipping 100+ global covalency leaders with the means to expand the druggable proteome.


Explore three days of sessions and workshops, the full 22+ speaker faculty, and more by downloading your copy of the event guide.

What’s New for 2024?

Extensive technical content covering the latest advancements in target selectivity, hit screening, lead optimization, and covalent warhead design to successfully identify, validate and clinically progress covalent drugs targeting transcription factors, E3 ligases, FGFRs, immunology targets and beyond

A new cohort of expert speakers and organizations presenting from the likes of HYKU Biosciences, Vividion Therapeutics, Genentech, Pfizer, Harvard University, Lundbeck, RS Oncology, Bayer, Nexo Therapeutics, Taiho Pharma, UC Riverside and Novartis Venture Fund

Expert-led workshops delving into the hottest aspirations of the covalent community, including building and optimizing covalent library design and deconvoluting intricate cellular biology to de-risk the initiation of covalent pipelines for novel targets in and beyond oncology

2024 Expert Speakers Include:

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