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Innovation Partner

AssayQuant's proprietary PhosphoSens® technology is exclusively licensed from MIT and is integrated into a growing menu of catalog products and CRO services that support drug discovery to enable development of more effective therapies targeting kinases and phosphatases. Their proprietary PhosphoSens technology enables direct and continuous quantitative monitoring of phosphorylation/dephosphorylation in a simple add-and-read format, yielding a progress curve in every well and providing deep enzymological characterization of drugs that modulate kinase/phosphatase activity.




Innovation Partner

Enamine excels in advanced organic synthesis, medicinal chemistry, and is the foremost global designer and producer of covalent molecules (120,000+), building blocks (300,000+), and screening libraries (4M+ compounds). Using our expertise, validated synthesis reactions, and in-stock compounds our REAL space boasts >30B molecules, with >1M covalent molecules with high synthesis success. Additionally, our pre-clinical unit offers ADME, in-vivo PK studies, and HTS, enabling us to provide fully integrated research programs or individual services.




Innovation Partner

Enzymlogic is a specialist CRO, laser focused on the delivery of kinetic profiling services for drug discovery with unparalleled speed, scale and efficiency.

Our optimized platforms provide detailed kinetic insight for reversible (Kd, kon, koff  & Residence Time) and irreversible (KI, kinact, kinact / KI and T1/2 ∞) inhibitors vs on- and off-targets.

This helps drug hunters to iterate Medicinal Chemistry, understand PK PD disconnects and build better models to define therapeutic windows.

Kinetic Insight Driving Discovery Foresight


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Momentum Biotechnologies

Momentum Biotechnologies

Innovation Partner

Momentum Biotechnologies is a specialized CRO focused on providing mass spectrometry-based native detection technologies for lead discovery to biopharmaceutical clients. Formerly known as Pure Honey Technologies, proudly maintains its unwavering commitment to delivering the same high-quality MS-based services, supportive staff, adaptable study options, superior data quality, and rapid delivery of experimental results. We help clients identify leads for novel mechanisms of action such as protein degradation/molecular glues, protein-protein interaction disruption (ASMS), and irreversible binding (Covalent Screening).




Innovation Partner

OmicScouts facilitates next generation drug discovery with its expertise in chemical proteomics.

We provide end-to-end solutions and tailored projects integrating quantitative mass spectrometry and bioinformatics with biochemical and cell culture expertise. Our technologies enable comprehensive drug target deconvolution (target ID, selectivity, engagement), mode of action analyses and biomarker discovery. Founded by leading proteomics researchers, the company has a track record in delivering significant collaborations with top pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.


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Wuxi Apptec

Innovation Partner

WuXi AppTec provides a broad portfolio of R&D and manufacturing services that enable the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry around the world to advance discoveries and deliver groundbreaking treatments to patients. Through its unique business models, WuXi AppTec’s integrated, end-to-end services include chemistry drug CRDMO (Contract Research, Development and Manufacturing Organization), biology discovery, preclinical testing and clinical research services, and cell and gene therapies CTDMO (Contract Testing, Development and Manufacturing Organization), helping customers improve the productivity of advancing healthcare products through cost-effective and efficient solutions.