Welcome to the Covalent Drug Discovery Summit

Some of the most widely-sold drugs in the world work covalently, including household names such as Aspirin. The serendipitous discovery of these drugs have helped realize the potential of covalency.

The Covalent Drug Discovery Summit gathered industry heavyweights such as Amgen, Revolution Medicines and Novartis along with exciting new players such as Covant Therapeutics, Scorpion Therapeutics and Totus Medicines to bring you the bleeding edge of covalent drug discovery and development.

2024's meeting is your exclusive opportunity to network with a highly senior, technical crowd composed of CXOs, VPs, Directors, and Heads of Discovery, Medicinal and Biological Chemistry focused on covalent drug discovery.

Last Year's Attendees Joined To:


Target cryptic sites, accelerate DEL screening and create novel covalent probes with platformsat the bleeding edge of drug discovery from the likes of Covant Therapeutics, Novartis & Nurix


Accelerate hit finding and lead optimization with platform showcases and a deep-diving panel discussion featuring Totus Medicines, Amgen & Dunad Therapeutics


Develop drug-like compounds faster by driving Kinact/Ki, creating the right assays and integrating expertise from established drug development platforms by  Scorpion Therapeutics, Biomea Fusion & Biogen


Invent novel chemistry and covalently modify amino acid residues such as aspartic acid, serine and arginine with case studies by Revolution Medicines, Reactive Biosciences & UCSF


Carve covalency’s niche and differentiate target selection from non-covalent approaches with leading industry and academic experts pushing the frontiers of covalency from AstraZeneca, McMaster University, & Stanford University

Who Attends this Meeting?

Are you looking to meet with all the key decision makers in the covalent space, including CXOs, VPs, and Directors of Discovery, Medicinal and Biological Chemistry?

Join with this niche community over 3 days to advance the field and discuss next generation therapeutics. This gathering of covalent drug developers, small molecule experts and key opinion leaders from academia is your perfect opportunity to assess the field, take back actionable insights to your team, and realize the potential of covalent drugs.

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Download the Full Event Guide for more information on:

  • 20+ Expert Speaker Faculty
  • Interactive workshops
  • Full access to the 3-day conference agenda
  • & more
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